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35 Spa Asian Massage Keyport in Central Jersey provides massage therapy designed to address individual specific needs and preferences. Our therapists are knowledgeable in Body Massage and its Modalities. If you need for a massage in the Central Jersey area, please vist us at clean and sanitized spa.

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Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage uses deeper layer muscle manipulation. Skilled professional aims to provide relaxation, bring pain relief, and release tension


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is gentler than Deep Tissue Massage. Swedish massage uses techniques such as tapotement and effleurage.



Shiatsu originated in Asia (hence 'Asian Massage'). It uses finger point techniques to apply pressure directly to the body meridian points.

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35 Spa Asian Massage in Keport provides Massage and Spa Services. Trained staffs are courteous and helpful. We have safety and healthy guidelines in place.

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